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Best of all insurance companies! All our stuff has been with Jackson for over 20 years.

File a claim in a timely manner.

There can be limitations within your policy on the time frame allowed to file a claim.

Tickets and Accidents

These can be a rating factor for up to 5 years.

Is your birthday coming up?

Courtesy reminder to check your driver’s license to see if it may be expiring and needs to be renewed.

Bundling is not always best

While most carriers can offer a multiple policy discount, that does not always mean that is going to be the best deal. Sometimes the coverages and price you can get by separating your policies among our other companies are more beneficial to your individual needs.


We can offer flood policies through multiple carriers, but we also have one carrier that offers a flood endorsement (from FEMA) on your homeowner’s policy for a reasonable cost.

Reading your policies are important

Most people only look at their declaration page which reflects your main coverages, deductibles, etc. But we always recommend reading your entire policy, especially the exclusions to know what is not covered.

Special Personal Property

Do you have guns, jewelry, art, musical instruments, or other high value items? Please let us know so we can make sure these items are accurately covered under your policy.

Trailers/Campers do not have id cards

For proof of insurance. Unless it is an actual motorhome, the insurance companies do not provide insurance cards as the liability from the vehicle pulling it extends to the trailer. The DMV does not require proof of insurance for trailers in order to get plates.

If you are involved in an accident

Take photos, call the police, and exchange insurance information. It can be extremely helpful to have multiple photos and angles to provide to the adjuster.

Proof of insurance

Did you know that electronic proof of insurance is now acceptable as legal proof of insurance in the State of Colorado? Keep your ID cards on your phone or your carrier app for convenience. Most personal auto insurance carriers have an app you can download on your phone if you are needing quick access to your ID card. Check your app store for your carrier today!


Please provide your lender our contact information and let us know you are in a refinance process so we can make sure your policy gets updated accordingly.

Selling your home?

This is also helpful information as we do not get notified automatically when your home sells. The insurance carriers typically require a signed cancellation to cancel a policy.

Having an agent does not cost you more money.

We often ask if it costs more to have us as your agent over going to the company directly for a policy. It is more beneficial having an agent. Not only do you not have to pay more but you get to work with a local family-owned and operated agency that has a passion for being a resource to you and helping get a policy for you that best fits your needs. While price is an important factor when purchasing insurance coverage, in the event of a loss it will not matter to you how much you have been paying, but it will matter that you are covered. It is important to us to help you understand coverages and find a policy that you can be satisfied with overall with price and coverages. Another benefit of having us as your agent, we get to service your policies and we work with the insurance companies for you. Also, no need to deal with long hold times and getting transferred around constantly before you get a live representative. There are several of us within the office who are eager to help you with your insurance.

Commercials, Advertising, Solicitation

Every time you turn on the tv you probably see at least one insurance commercial or you more than likely receive insurance offers in the mail quite often. Please keep in mind there can be many misleading quotes as the “quotes” or “offers” you receive in the mail are typically extremely generic and do not have accurate or final rating factors that can impact the rate. Also, common insurance practices that commercials make seem “special” might already be built into your policy or just a standard procedure. Please ask us if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding commercials, advertising, and/or solicitation. We do our absolute best to stay on top of the industry and what carriers can offer or help guide you to find what best fits your insurance needs.

Lend Out Your Car You Lend Out Your Insurance

Protect your rates, your liability risk, and your assets by not lending your vehicle to others. It can be difficult and its in our nature to help family and friends but there is a greater chance of potential loss. Unless the person is excluded from your policy, your insurance typically extends to whomever is driving your vehicle. This can have a negative impact on you financially between your insurance and potential litigation that impacts your assets. Please be cautious lending your vehicle to others. Lastly, keep in mind that each carrier is different on what your coverage extends to someone not listed on your policy. Some carriers only extend liability coverage, even possibly limited to state minimum liability limits, even if you carry comprehensive and collision and higher liability.

Not satisfied with your rate or company?

As your independent agent, we have multiple carriers, and our goal is to place you with a carrier that best fits your needs. We are always here to help you, please contact us with any concerns. Please keep in mind we do not get notified of your renewals.


Every insurance carrier has their own endorsements and policy coverages. This means you can customize your insurance policy to fit your needs. Due to each insurance company having their own individualized options (endorsements), it is important to have a thorough discussion with your agent and discuss what coverages are available that you have not purchased. There are often new endorsements that are being added throughout the year and the insurance carriers do not notify customers of these new coverages. Please contact us today to have a policy review. 

Homeowners Insurance Refund(s)

We always recommend to contact your mortgage company to discuss any homeowners refund to determine if it needs to be applied to your escrow account. This can help prevent any shortages. You can also request your mortgage company for an updated escrow analysis if you feel it is necessary.

Best of all insurance companies! All our stuff has been with Jackson for over 20 years.